Friday, March 4, 2011


 Some more Trance Metal!

"Formed in 2007, Timecry [is a new generation] of Melodic Death Metal. Combining fast and heavy guitar riffing with an intricate array of synthesizers", they are one of the pioneers of Trance Metal.  In 2008, Timecry released their debut self-titled EP, only released digitally.  They have a second EP and (hopefully) a full length release soon.  In my opinion, they are one of a very few Trance Metal bands that don't annoy me vocally, along with Silent Descent.

Better Die Standing:

Never More:

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Jonesy said...

awesome songs!

aphoticdark said...

Pretty awesome tracks, thanks for sharing.

FargoThunder said...

You have pretty good stuff :)

Break said...

I love the music you have :D

MikeJoeMuse said...

Sounds good!

Mr. Christopher said...

Wow, I actually quite liked some of those.