Saturday, March 5, 2011


Stahlhammer (German for "Steel Hammer") is a Neue Deutsche Härte (new German hardness, like Rammstein) band from Austria that formed in 1992. They incorporate elements from Hardcore, Industrial Metal and Symphonic Metal into their songs. The band has to this date produced six albums, where the majority of songs are in German.

There are two albums, Wiener Blut and Feind Hört Mit with vocalist Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria which are great. I picked up Feind Hört Mit at a record store about 10 years ago and its one of my favorite albums in my collection. I don't care for Gary Wheeler, vocalist on the other albums... but you should try for yourself!


Feind Hört Mit:

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Anonymous said...

The vocals are awesome!

Android News and Resources said...

Ever hear of wumpscut or kmfdm? They german industrial.

Charles said...

yeah both wumpscut and kmfdm are in my collection!

afrodude50 said...

good stuff

tearinox said...

def sounds a lot like rammstein. good stuff!

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koal0r said...

The name sounds like "Stahlgewitter" which is a Nazi band here in germany. :D But the music is all right. (:

Candlej- said...

the name alone is kick ass

Burger said...