Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post 60, Baby

Just started less than a month ago, so thats pretty good, right?

Also, who will be number 300?  299 is still awesome!

The first (number withheld for fun) people to comment on this will be featured on an upcoming post along with the side bar,
<-- over there!
If you are already on there, great job!  Thanks for your support, I hope to see another 300 followers... perhaps by the 120th post?

Also, as a special bonus to those who thought I forgot about Trance and Industrial music, a 40+ song playlist! Hope that makes up for it for now!

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mac-and-me said...

great output man :)

Jesse Brooks said...

Oh wow, that must be exciting for you! It's a really good effort to get that many posts in a month, let alone 300 followers.

I hope that I can keep going as steadily as you and I also hope that you do as you wanted and get 600 by your 120th post. :D

tak47 said...

wow nice, that means i'm first?! yay!

The_illustrative_Mind said...

Playlist insta-saved, thanks!

akrater said...

Congrats! Keep it up.

Innovations said...

congrats on your 60th post!!

l33 v4n cl33f said...

keep up the good work ;)

Charles said...

Thanks guys, delivered as promised, check out the Featured Blogs!

Also, I might have contests (for Amazon Cards perhaps?) by the time i have 600 followers, so keep a look out!

stebolius said...

You have the skill to make great post! :)

tearinox said...

I love Trance thanks!