Monday, February 21, 2011

Silent Descent

Something to tide both sides perhaps!

"Trance Metal" is a fairly new phenomenon although a select few bands I like, the rest are way too emo (speaking of which, a fad that I hope goes away soon). This album (Duplicity) was pretty awesome, but I don't like their newer tracks... strayed too far into emo territory. Oh well. Give it a minute to kick in, and there are clean vocals but nothing too cringe-inducing.


Bleed in Trust: (Forgive the awful 240p "quality")

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dgrphx said...

acquired taste this is btw i wish my lawn was emo so it could cut itself XD \m/

Kerykeion said...

this is kinda weird

Kicking Rocks said...

its not that bad

Brendan said...

awesome song

Zach Roan said...

I love Trance and Metal and a combination is well sexy time to my ears