Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance (2011)

I love metal! (more trance etc. in the future too btw)

Just released Belphegor album, its pretty sick! Check this out!

1.In Blood - Devour This Sanctity05:31
2.Rise to Fall and Fall to Rise06:01
3.Blood Magick Necromance07:00
4.Discipline Through Punishment04:05
5.Angeli Mortis de Profundis03:00
6.Impaled upon the Tongue of Sathan05:42
7.Possessed Burning Eyes05:33
8.Sado Messiah03:50
Total playing time40:42

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Byakuya said...

I enjoy metal, but I'd certainly prefer for you to post some of your trance music.

Great blog, although a little pink =P


Wolfdog said...

Interesting music but i will be checking back for more trance.

Anonymous said...

i can dig the metal haha nice blog

Dude12Nothin said...

Impaled upon the Tongue of Sathan is awesome!

obi said...

following with interest ;)

Astronomy Pirate said...

Metal is the new pink.

Alysson H. said...

not really my type of music but I like the album's artwork

Havuelete said...

I like metal, and discover new bands like this is awesome.
"Impaled upon the Tongue of Sathan" is a fuckin' great name haha.

See you!

Anton Nuemus said...

this is the music I like <3

Anonymous said...

Man, that album art is intense.